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Dayton Performing Arts Alliance Joins with Power2give to Provide New Ballet Floor to Dayton Ballet Students

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DAYTON, OH (April 24, 2014) - On Monday, April 14, 2014, the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance launched its second power2give project, a special initiative created to provide a much-needed studio floor used primarily by its training company, Dayton Ballet II. The details of this power2give project, along with a video, can be found at Power2give is the online fundraising platform introduced to the Dayton region by Culture Works on March 5, 2014.  Power2give is a “crowd-funding” effort in which many people can make contributions, from the smallest amount to very large donations and anything in between, in order to support worthy projects in the cultural life of a community. 

Dancers need a specially designed floor to practice their art without risking injury. After 20 years of daily use, the vinyl floor in Dayton Ballet’s second practice studio is completely worn out.  Due to age and deterioration, safety has become a real concern.  A Marley Floor is the solution. It has a top layer that is made of vinyl, providing much needed traction. The dancers can focus on developing and improving their skills rather than on the possibility of slipping or falling. The proper cushioning prevents physical problems, discomfort and injuries. An added benefit is that the rosin used with the older floor to prevent sliding will not be needed with the new floor, resulting in a long-term cost savings

Dance is a fun and empowering way for young people to learn about healthy exercise and lifestyles, to build self-confidence, to increase motivation and to enhance social skills. Along with the Dayton Ballet II senior and junior companies, over 300 students use the studio each year to learn and practice ballet dancing and physical fitness.

Dayton Performing Arts Alliance’s goal with its second power2give project is to raise $8,167, enough money to purchase and install the new floor, creating the best possible learning environment for its dance students and helping to prevent countless injuries. Those interested in donating a gift to support Dayton Performing Arts Alliance’s power2give project in any amount, even as small as $1, are encouraged to visit the power2give website at


About power2give

Power2give is a groundbreaking new website that was designed by the Arts & Science Council in Charlotte, NC, to address changing trends in philanthropic giving. The power2give model was originated in Charlotte in August 2011 after the city’s united arts fund sustained a 36.8% drop in one year.  Power2give is now active in 24 communities nationwide, including Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, and now Dayton.  Nationwide, power2give has raised more than $4.75 million since its inception, supporting more than 1,927 projects and 21,235 donations. Culture Works has launched power2give in Dayton as a way to attract new donors to the arts while giving non-profit organizations throughout the Dayton region the ability to raise funds for arts and culture projects.  The website encourages any person in a given community to donate any amount of money they choose to fund projects established by the cultural needs of the community in which they are living.  Power2give is not part of Culture Works’ annual campaign for the arts, which raises general operating support; rather, it is a supplementary effort that allows organizations to seek funding for specific projects.  To learn more about power2give, go to   

About the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance

The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance was formed in July 2012 as the result of a groundbreaking and innovative merger between the Dayton Ballet, the Dayton Opera, and the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. Together, they are the largest performing arts organization in the community, offering a tremendous variety of performance and education programs and setting a new standard for artistic excellence.  Dayton Performing Arts Alliance performances are made possible in part by Montgomery County and Culture Works, the single largest source of community funds for the arts and culture in the Miami Valley. The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance also receives partial funding from the Ohio Arts Council, a state agency created to foster and encourage the development of the arts and to preserve Ohio's cultural heritage. Funding from the Ohio Arts Council is an investment of state tax dollars that promotes economic growth, educational excellence, and cultural enrichment for all Ohio residents.  The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance is proud to be one of five performing arts organizations in the country selected to receive a three-year "Music Alive" grant from New Music USA and the League of American Orchestras.

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